Pattaya property for sale: Buying houses and villas in Pattaya

pattaya property

Residential houses present the best value in Thailand, they are generally large, comfortable, modern and well endowed with luxury fittings and nice landscaped gardens. Since material and labour are cheap, its not unrealistic to enjoy living in houses rather condos, even in a big city like Pattaya. Pattaya Real estate agents can show you plenty …

Property Investments in Florida

CNN Money’s report for Florida was centred on the Palm Bay area. Palm Bay is on the east coast and is situated just south-east of Orlando and north of Miami. However, Florida’s unique ‘micro climate’ style economy means specific area reports are typically indicative of Florida’s market cycle as a whole.

Why Invest In the USA?

We have noticed over the past couple of months that an increasing number of our investor clients are choosing our USA investment locations over the UK. Why?