Homes for Sale in Phnom Penh: Top 3 Neighborhoods for Investors

Phnom Penh home for sale

Many people wonder what the difference between buying a home for living and buying a home as an investment is. Sometimes there isn’t any difference, you buy a home, you live in it, and you watch as the worth grows. Other times, when it’s just for an investment, you purchase it, you let it stay empty and new, and watch the worth grow even more.

Nowadays, more and more people are buying homes in Phnom Penh just as an investment. Some flip them after a while and make good money, while others rent them for some time (make money in the process) and flip them later.

Finding homes for sale in Phnom Penh is pretty easy and straightforward. Go online or find the closest real estate agent. However, if you want a sneak peek into the hottest real estate spots in the city, keep on reading. Here are what we think the top three neighborhoods for investors looking to invest in homes in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh home for sale

#1 Daun Pen

In general, real estate is much cheaper here than in Tonle Bassac or BKK1. That makes it quite interesting for real estate investors. The neighborhood is just ten minutes from the mentioned districts above and is mainly populated by locals. Daun Pen is home to the Sorya shopping mall, the central market, and Wat Phnom. The thing is that the entire city is in development and that this neighborhood is next for a rehaul. There are few development projects underway, but there is room for more as well. However, once the big players step in, it will be challenging for anyone else to grab any part of the real estate pie.

#2 Olympic Stadium

This is a bit on the outskirts of the city, but for how long? The city is expanding with an unprecedented pace and in all possible directions. Real estate in this neighborhood is cheaper than in any part of Phom Penh. Currently, investing there might look like a long shot. But remember what happened to Toul Tom Poung. It wasn’t that long when only the locals knew about it, and there wasn’t anything appealing about that place. Look at it today and more importantly check out the real estate prices. That is to be expected to happen with this neighborhood as well.

Phnom Penh home for sale

#3 Central Market

The central market district is dominated by the new massive dome-shaped market named Art Deco Phsa Thmei. As the saying goes, you can find everything from a needle to a locomotive. It is a mainly commercial area, but there are homes as well. The asking prices for homes and apartments are pretty steep compared to other areas. But then again, everything is at a walking distance which means less money spent on transportation. Many of the older residential buildings and houses are being replaced with new ones, modern style facilities. Many locals are displeased with the rapid change of their landscape, but they know that’s the price of modernization and the way to a better living standard.